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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my results?

Once the lab receives your sample, it should only take a few weeks to deliver your results electronically, through a HIPAA-compliant web portal. The lab’s processing time is the longest part - they have to extract your DNA sample first before then using a Microarray machine to analyze your specific data. As soon as they send the data to us, we deliver your results in 24 hours as we’ve fully automated our analysis and delivery. We go an extra step to QC every report, which is why we promise a 24 hour turnaround time from the time we get your data back from the lab.

Do I need to pay for shipping my sample to the lab?

Nope! As long as you are in one of the 50 US states, we pay to ship you your test kit and we pay for you to return your sample to the lab. A pre-addressed return envelope is included in your kit.

How do I view my results?

When we mail you your kit, you will need to register your kit number to your email. That way, we can send you an email to let you know your results are ready. You will use your user name and password to open the portal to the kits you registered for. You can register multiple kits under your email.

Is my DNA protected?

Yes, we do not share your data with any employer, government agency, or anywhere else you may not wish to see your data.

How do you use my data?

If you still have one good sample, we recommend sending in both samples anyway, just in case we collected enough material for the lab to analyze your sample. If the lab could not find enough DNA, we will send you a new kit for $10.

Can I speak to a genetic counselor?

Yes! We partnered with Advanced Tele-Genetic Counselors (AT-GC) to provide economically conscious counseling sessions for you from home.

Will you update me for free if new scientific discoveries impact me?

Yes! We offer lifetime updates for free. As soon as we discover something new, we re-analyze your data and update your report with the new information.

Where is the lab you work with?

We partnered with the largest genetic testing company in the world to help us identify the best CLIAA-certified lab partner. We chose Gene by Gene for their longevity in the market, their commitment to quality control and their standards of excellence. There are very few labs in the market that can deliver the price point we needed for our users to afford this type of genetic test.

What is the relationship between Fertility Genetics and MedAnswers?

MedAnswers provides the R&D team, as well as the software that analyzes and distributes your Fertility Genetics report. MedAnswers is also the creator of the FertilityAnswers app platform, a free MedTech tool on iOS and Android to give you access to hundreds of experts to ask anonymous questions for free.

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